Let the World Go Away

A reflection on the bittersweet vulnerability of our hopes and aspirations in the grand river of time. Sometimes we are invincible, in control of our lives. Sometimes our weary hearts seek escape, to lie down, to sleep, and to heal ourselves with dreams of a better, simpler place. Sometimes we wish the world would leave us alone, just so that we can feel safe, or perhaps hold on to something that we wish could last forever.

But we dream and we wake up. It is not the world that is going to fade away. It is us who will. Once glorious and strong, we will disappear into dust and memories, like a breed of dying stars. The world, the beautiful and brutal existence, the thing that cannot be felt, seen or touched unless we are there to feel it, see it and touch it, will live on without us.

The performance was brought to an end when campus police showed up, as someone wrongly reported me for indecent exposure. I thought that was almost a fitting end for a performance art. The heart-warming responses I received in the following days surprised and motivated me deeply. The police later also apologized.

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