On the evening of September 20, 2015, with the help of four friends, I created a public art experience with roughly 1500 glow sticks across the quad of my college campus. The starry, luminous lights sprawling over two acres of land, coloring the paths that people walked through every day. My intention was to ignite a moment of magic to disrupt an otherwise ordinary evening, transforming a familiar public space briefly and unexpectedly into a land of imagination. Despite the experience happening late in the evening, a lot of people witnessed it. Many ran along the paths, laughing, shouting, and taking photographs. I was even briefly famous on Yik Yak.

Three days later, my art professor feigned solemn voice and joked that he would "kill" the next student who pulled this without inviting him. I was really touched when a friend of mine sent me a message saying: "Hey man, thank you for challenging the way we interact with our everyday and think." Another friend told me: "Just wanted to let you know that your art work across the quad has meant a lot to me."

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