Ghost of the Past

Would you hold me,
So I don't roll off this bridge.
I wrote a love letter to time.
That too, was the unreciprocated kind.

You didn't know I called you,
Because it's your parents on the phone.
Our little code words,
Have been broken by the wise and old.

Blazing stars,
Burning from an infinite distance.
When their wisdom reaches me,
It finds an abandoned address.

Place after place,
No longer can I trace,
Where I lost my innocence.
I just want to bring back there,
A vial of tears,
Buried under the dry grass,
Left unmarked,
So it will never be lost.

There is a rock in my pocket.
It cut my finger.
That's why I kept it,
Like a foolish hoarder.

Show me the ticket,
To your next destination.
I sit by the fire,
Kissing you in my imagination.

We will never find the answers,
Because the question lasted only a few hours.
When the dawnlight ignites a cloudless sky,
All is forgotten, the verses and the fireflies.

Autumn, 2015

Mai Ao